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Sparky Brown choice to launch The Society Drinkers to public. People keep asking me how did she toss the networkings into a gust of wind.  "I ended up one of well known today. So I decide to use my potentials before there is a end of world."   

The Society Drinkers intentionally to attach one of other new network. And expand to give back to community.  Not only that. Bring the new things from around world. Such as travel, fashion, musics and videos. Of course VLOGS! LOL Well let what journey can lead us to! If you like to share your travel or something happen in your society. College party,? Bonfire? or from down at beach? It can be something like woah! Not only just party.  Have you met celebrities?? Got a viral video? Sure! Feel free to email with your name, your videos, photos. 500 words in write of what happen over there!


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